Chorzów, Poland

The Karol Godula Upper Silesian Academy of Entrepreneurship in Chorzów

Górnośląska Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości im. Karola Goduli

University type: economics
University status: non-public

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Art Therapy Studies in Polish
Coaching Studies in Polish
Psychology in Business Studies in Polish
Event Marketing Studies in Polish
Grafika. Komunikacja. Gry Studies in Polish
Human recources Studies in Polish
Joga i Ajurveda Studies in Polish
Joga w profilaktyce i terapii Studies in Polish
Komunikacja wizualna Studies in Polish
Lean Six Sigma - optymalizacja procesów Studies in Polish
Naturoterapia Studies in Polish
Tworzenie serwisów internetowych Studies in Polish

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Abstrakcja Studies in Polish
Apiterapia Studies in Polish
Choreoterapia Studies in Polish
Działania artystyczne Studies in Polish
Działania twórcze Studies in Polish
Fototerapia Studies in Polish
Google Ads i pozycjonowanie Studies in Polish
Komunikacja interpersonalna Studies in Polish
Kurs trenerski Cellular EFT Studies in Polish
Kurs trenerski EFT Studies in Polish
Lean Six Sigma poziom Green Belt Studies in Polish
Mapuj swój świat Studies in Polish
Mapuj swój świat - mój wymarzony ogród Studies in Polish
Muzykoterapia metoda Batii Strauss Studies in Polish
Pierwsze kroki w projektowaniu gier fabularnych Studies in Polish
Podstawy diagnostyki medycznej Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chińskiej Studies in Polish
Podstawy Lean Six Sigma Studies in Polish
Podstawy teoretyczne Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chińskiej Studies in Polish
Storylab Studies in Polish
Strumieniowa organizacja według Lean Management Studies in Polish
Teatroterapia Studies in Polish
Temat: pytanie i odpowiedz Studies in Polish
Univesal Healing Tao Studies in Polish
Właściwości, działanie i zastosowanie w lecznictwie artykułów spożywczych według Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chińskiej Studies in Polish
Wzorce chorobowe i ich dietoterapia według Tradycyjnej Medycyny Chińskiej Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie procesowe ciągłego doskonalenia według Lean Six Sigma Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie procesowe według Lean Six Sigma poziom Yellow Belt Studies in Polish
Zioła, rośliny przyprawowe, dziko rosnące rośliny jadalne Studies in Polish
Żywienie wg tradycyjnej medycyny chińskiej Studies in Polish

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Faculty of New Economics

The Karol Godula Upper Silesian Academy of Entrepreneurship (USAE) in Chorzów was established in 1999. On 5 March Minister of Education allowed USAE, with its seat in Chorzów, to start higher studies. The school was registered with number 25 in the register of higher schools of Ministry of Education.

The source of origin of USAE is rooted in the culture of Upper Silesia with its industrial traditions, professionalism and practicality of the inhabitants of the region. A very important part of the culture is tradition of autonomy and social self-organization. Nowadays, the origin of USAE can be found in processes of regional economy restructurization and establishing teritorial self-governments. USAE was founded, in certain measure, as the answer to challenges which Silesian enterprises and local communities should meet.

Entrepreneurship development and effective self-governing are bound to lead to establishing new firms and places of work. They demand a good quality shape of new generation of human capital. Upper Silesia needs development of small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and, at the same time, effective management of local and regional development.

USAE came into being under the curricular and teaching staff auspices of University of Economics in Katowice. The patronage was certified in the agreement concluded in Deccember 1999. On the strength of this agreement Katowice Alma Mater guarantees programmes accreditation and a high quality of education and guarantees USAE's graduates MSc studies continuation. Since the beginning USAE, seat in Chorzów, is favoured with support and patronage from municipal authorities of the city of Chorzów. Thanks to this support and multiple help didactic infrastructure of the academy is systematically improved.


The mission of USAE is to educate economists, analysts and managers especially for companies from the sector of small and medium-sized business.

USAE instils in its students culture of entrepreneurship in all its aspects, propagates labour, private and local entrepreneurship and teaches participation and creation of development processes through its values.

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