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Białystok, Poland

School of Medical Science in Białystok

Wyższa Szkoła Medyczna w Białymstoku

University type: medical
University status: non-public


Krakowska 9 street
15-875 Białystok
phone (+48 85) 74 99 430
fax: (+48 85) 74 99 431

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From the very beginning of his earthly existence, man, being a rational creature has borne in mind the fact that clothes not only make the man and enhance his image, but also, and possibly, most of all his looks, which is significantly influenced by the treatments targeted at preservation and emphasizing beauty. This has resulted in constant pursuit of beauty treatments, new ways of applying them and improving methods.

The modern world we live in undoubtedly prizes highly-educated individuals and evolves around those with a sense of style and attentiveness to body care. Therefore, as the years go by, one has been able to spot a rapid increase in interest in body treatment.

In order to meet the expectations of society and fulfill young people’s willingness to be educated in this field, endevaours were undertaken, which on 16th April 2003 resulted in the establishment of the Institute of Cosmetology and Health Care in Białystok, entered in the register of the Ministry under number 123 in the group of non-state vocational schools. Being the one and only such a school in our 
region we strive for excellence. 

The Institute of Cosmetology and Health Care is proud to provide students with the proper training needed for them to realize their full potential as professional cosmetologists and medical services.

Our focus is to educate highly qualified specialists in the field of cosmetology who, following the completion of their studies and obtaining Bachelor Degree, will easily find their employment in beauty salons, laboratories, revitalizing centers and cosmetic companies promoting the distribution and sale of cosmetics, in applied research and cosmetic educational institutions. 

With our world class school facility and an outstanding training atmosphere promoted by highly competent academic teachers from the three biggest universities of Białystok, students are given a guarantee to fulfill an ambitious curriculum (including, among other subjects, anatomy, physiology, dietetics, dermatology, general chemistry, physiotherapy, cosmetic raw materials, professional cosmetology, the foundations of aesthetics and make-up, foreign languages and the foundations of economics and finance) and acquaint with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary in their profession.
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