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Dęblin, Poland

Polish Air Force University

Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa

University type: military
University status: public

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Polish Air Force Academy, known all over the world as the Dęblin „School of the Eaglets” , continues the traditions of the Air Force Officer Schools operating from 1918. Air Force Officer School was established in the town of Grudziądz in November 1925. The "School of the Eaglets" was transferred to the Dęblin area, where the military had been granted the land, on 14 April 1927. From 1928, under the name Air Force Officer Cadet School, the School commenced the education and training of pilots and observers who were to become Polish Air Force officers. During the Second World War, after the 1939 Defensive War in Poland, Polish Air Force personnel fought in Western Europe, under the banner of Polish Air Force. The actual banner, which is a relic kept in the Academy's Hall of Tradition, is a sign of glory of Polish wings and of the unity of Polish Air Force personnel fighting in the West and in the East. In the course of the war, the pilots and instructors from Dęblin continued to train the air force personnel in Polish Flight Training Schools, among others in Hucknall and Newton. In Poland, which was partially liberated from German occupation, air training was resumed by the Air Force School of Polish Armed Forces in Zamość on 31 October 1944. That school was transferred to Dęblin airfields on 23 March 1945. In 1968, Air Force Officer School was re-organized and given the status of a university-level school under the name of Air Force Officer Training College. By the Act issued of the Polish Prime Minister on 7th June, 1994, concerning transforming officer training colleges into higher education institutions of the university level, the School was re-organized and given its current name of the Polish Air Force Academy.

Committed to preserving the eternal memory of many generations of Polish Air Force Personnel, Polish Air force Academy strives for the development of the Polish Air Force by training and educating new generations of aviators and expanding the scientific and technological heritage.
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