Warsaw, Poland

Military University of Technology in Warsaw

Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna im. Jarosława Dąbrowskiego

University type: military
University status: public

full-time studies
part-time studies
Defence of the StateStudies in Polish
ManagementStudies in Polish
National SecurityStudies in Polish
Administracja publiczna w systemie bezpieczeństwa narodowegoStudies in Polish

Bachelor's - engineer
full-time studies
part-time studies
Aeronautics and AstronauticsStudies in English
MechatronicsStudies in English
Aviation and Space ScienceStudies in Polish
Biocybernetics and biomedical engineeringStudies in Polish
ChemistryStudies in Polish
Civil EngineeringStudies in Polish
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Cryptology and Cyber SecurityStudies in Polish
Electronics and TelecommunicationsStudies in Polish
EnergeticsStudies in Polish
Geodesy and CartographyStudies in Polish
GeoinformaticsStudies in Polish
LogisticsStudies in Polish
Material EngineeringStudies in Polish
Mechanical Engineering and Machine BuildingStudies in Polish
MechatronicsStudies in Polish
Security EngineeringStudies in Polish
Budowa dróg i mostówStudies in Polish
Geodezja i katasterStudies in Polish
Inżynieria geoprzestrzennaStudies in Polish
Inżynieria kosmiczna i satelitarnaStudies in Polish
Inżynieria systemów bezzałogowychStudies in Polish
OptoelektronikaStudies in Polish
Technologie przełomoweStudies in Polish

full-time studies
part-time studies
National SecurityStudies in English
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Defence of the StateStudies in Polish
ManagementStudies in Polish
National SecurityStudies in Polish

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Military University of Technology. Jaroslaw Dabrowski in Warsaw is the military, academic public university has been operating since 1951. As a public institution supervised by the Minister of National Defense University educates students and conducts research.

The educational offer of the Academy are the first higher education degree (BSc and BA), second degree (MSc), third degree (PhD), and postgraduate studies and training courses, including language.

The Academy educates students in military and civilian. Graduates are awarded the professional military, and are appointed on the first officer rank - lieutenant. Studies are studies of civilian public, without liability to the Ministry of National Defence. Higher education possible to obtain the professional title of engineer or bachelor's, master engineer or master, and doctoral programs prepare you to obtain a doctoral degree.

The specificity of the Academy is to train candidates for professional soldiers for the Armed Forces in the bodies and personal groups in line with demand and the limit to be determined each year by the Minister of National Defence. Recruitment for this type of study conducted among high school graduates for accession applicants to serve in the Polish Army. During his studies, cadets receive at the expense of Defence accommodation, meals, uniforms and financial emoluments.

The Academy study full-time civilian and part of the fourteen areas of study. Full-time studies are free, part-time pay. Limits for admission to degree programs are determined by the Rector prior to recruitment.

The directions of higher education:

  • national security
  • architecture
  • chemistry
  • electronics and telecommunications
  • energetics
  • surveying and mapping
  • IT
  • safety engineering
  • materials engineering
  • logistics
  • aerospace
  • mechanics and mechanical engineering
  • mechatronics
  • management

Disciplines, doctoral studies:

  • construction and operation of machines
  • architecture
  • electronics
  • surveying and mapping
  • IT
  • materials engineering
  • mechanics
  • telecommunication
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