Biała Podlaska, Poland

Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II

University type: school of higher vocational education
University status: public


Sidorska 95/97 street
21-500 Biała Podlaska, Poland
tel. +48 83 345 62 31, +48 83 345 62 22

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In 2010 Pope John II State School of
Higher Education in Biała Podlaska
celebrated its tenth anniversary. It was
founded as the State School of Higher
Education on August 1, 2000 and
initially it had 345 students pursuing
4 specializations. Today it boasts 3,500
students doing 32 diff
erent courses
in 14 subject areas. Most of them are
undergraduate students enrolled in
Bachelor's programmes. In October 2009
we off
ered the fi rst postgraduate course
- a Master's programme in Tourism and
Recreation. Currently we are also running
Master's programmes in Public Health
and in Economics, and we are planning
to launch some new undergraduate and
graduate degree courses. Our School
employs 48 professors and it is one of the
leading employers in the region.
Our School falls back on the tradition of
the Academy in Biała Podlaska founded
in 1628, but at the same time it aspires to
be modern, major institution of higher
education in the region. We are committed
to providing high quality academic
education, initiating research studies
supporting the development and growth of
our region and becoming a cultural center
in Biała Podlaska
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