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Presentation of the University
Łódź, Poland

State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre. Leon Schiller

Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Filmowa, Telewizyjna i Teatralna im. Leona Schillera w Łodzi

University type: art
University status: public

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The main goals of the School are to:

      educate students in professional workshop conditions                   
      facilitate artisitic creation in the audiovisual fields of: film, television, photography and acting       
      familiarize the students with the trends in development of art and culture             
      lead educational research of art and the creative process, developmental works and other educational support materials, also in the form of workshops, festivals, etc.
      establish and promote an artistic and academic framework
      spread and increase the achievements of national culture, education and technology, presenting the artistic works of students, professors and graduates, nationally and internationally
      compile and make available the collection of films, television and theater productions as well as the library’s collection and information – subjects specifically pertinent to the University
      provide additional education with the goal of gaining and supplementing knowledge                  
      create conditions in which students will develop on many levels, including their physical way of life and health condition                                                                                                 
      benefit from the services in the scope of the represented fields                              
      act in community matters (local and regional), benefit the community and cooperate with economic and community organizations.                  
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