Warsaw, Poland

WIT University

Akademia WIT w Warszawie

University type: technical
University status: non-public

full-time studies
part-time studies
Graphic ArtsStudies in Polish
Multimedia TechniquesStudies in Polish
Grafika użytkowaStudies in Polish
Projektowanie graficzne w internecieStudies in Polish
ManagementStudies in Polish
CybersecurityStudies in Polish
Psychology in ManagementStudies in Polish
Digital marketingStudies in Polish
Zarządzanie projektami i informacjamiStudies in Polish

Bachelor's - engineer
full-time studies
part-time studies
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Software EngineeringStudies in Polish
Inżynieria danych i sztuczna inteligencjaStudies in Polish
Technologia chmury obliczeniowejStudies in Polish
Information Technology ManagementStudies in Polish
Applied Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Analiza i modelowanie systemów biznesowychStudies in Polish
Oracle cloud w biznesieStudies in Polish

full-time studies
part-time studies
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Architektura i bezpieczeństwo chmury obliczeniowejStudies in Polish
Inżynieria programowo - sprzętowaStudies in Polish
Graphic ArtsStudies in Polish
Grafika cyfrowaStudies in Polish
Zaawansowane multimediaStudies in Polish
Information Technology ManagementStudies in Polish
Business Process EngineeringStudies in Polish
Technologia blockchain w biznesieStudies in Polish
Zarządzanie w ITStudies in Polish

Short pg coursesmore »
Computer Graphics Studies in Polish
Cybersecurity Studies in Polish
Analityk systemów IT Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie pionem IT Studies in Polish

Faculties, schools of studymore »
Wydział Informatyki i Grafiki
Wydział Technologii Informatycznych i Zarządzania

Warsaw School of Information Technology, WIT (Wyższa Szkoła Informatyki Stosowanej i Zarządzania) was founded in 1996 upon the initiative of the President of the Polish Academy of Sciences represented by the Foundation of System Sciences Propagation. The Foundation has been established by the Polish Academy of Sciences and is supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

WIT is a non-state higher education institution (HEI) registered in the State Register of Non-state Higher Education Institutions under the number 87. Actually WIT acts on the basis of the Higher Education Act of Parliament of 27/07/2005 (Dz. U. No. 164/2005, p. 1365). The Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland (CRASP) granted WIT the status of HEI associated with CRASP in 2003.

WIT is licensed to award Bachelor’s degrees in: Computer Science, Management, Management and Marketing, Informatics and Econometrics, Graphics, and Master’s degrees in: Computer Science, Management.
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