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full-time studies
part-time studies
Creative ManagementStudies in English
Design the Products of the FutureStudies in English
Service Design ManagementStudies in English
Creative ManagementStudies in Polish
Projektowanie produktów przyszłościStudies in Polish
Service designStudies in Polish
E-commerceStudies in Polish
E-commerce managementStudies in Polish
Zarządzanie e-sklepemStudies in Polish
Graphic ArtsStudies in Polish
Animacja i grafika interaktywnaStudies in Polish
Grafika wydawniczo-reklamowaStudies in Polish
MediaworkingStudies in Polish
Social media influenceStudies in Polish
Social media managementStudies in Polish
Analiza biznesowa i Data ScienceStudies in Polish
Business AnalysisStudies in Polish
Uczenie maszynoweStudies in Polish
Biznes ManagerStudies in Polish
Employer brandingStudies in Polish
Office managementStudies in Polish
Procesy operacyjneStudies in Polish
Game DevelopmentStudies in Polish
Game DesignStudies in Polish
Grafika gierStudies in Polish
Programowanie gierStudies in Polish
Kreatywna produkcja filmowaStudies in Polish
Produkcja filmowaStudies in Polish
Produkcja kreatywnaStudies in Polish
Zarządzanie w ITStudies in Polish
IT product managementStudies in Polish
IT project managementStudies in Polish

Bachelor's - engineer
full-time studies
part-time studies
Information TechnologyStudies in English
Cloud EngineeringStudies in English
Computer NetworkStudies in English
Web and Mobile ApplicationsStudies in English
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
Computer NetworksStudies in Polish
Internet and Mobile ApplicationsStudies in Polish
Cloud engineeringStudies in Polish

full-time studies
part-time studies
Computer ScienceStudies in Polish
CybersecurityStudies in Polish
Sztuczna inteligencjaStudies in Polish
Creative ManagementStudies in Polish
Design managementStudies in Polish
UX designStudies in Polish
Marketing internetowyStudies in Polish
E-commerce managerStudies in Polish

MBAmore »
Executive MBA Studies in Polish

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Executive MBA Studies in Polish
Graphic Design Studies in Polish
Photography Studies in Polish
Project Management Studies in Polish
Akademia Programowania w Pythonie Studies in PolishStudies online
Arteterapia z elementami psychoterapii Studies in Polish
Badania UX Studies in PolishStudies online
Big Data – Analytics & Society Studies in PolishStudies online
ESG Management Studies in Polish
Frontend Developer Studies in PolishStudies online
HR Business Partner Studies in Polish
Nowy marketing Studies in Polish
Pentester - tester bezpieczeństwa Studies in Polish
Product & Brand Management Studies in Polish
Prognozowanie i implementacja trendów Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie hybrydowe Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie transformacją cyfrową Studies in Polish

Collegium Da Vinci is the academic successor of the School of Humanities and Journalism which up until the end of 2014 has promoted some 12,000 graduates. It is now undergoing a process of rebranding scheduled to be completed in 2015. We are changing for you!

Why the change?

"He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast" - Leonardo Da Vinci.

Collegium Da Vinci is the modern type of university which serves as a career-accelerator facilitating the road from being a student to being a man (or woman) of business. Each year we strive to offer something new, unique and special. This year we are launching novel teaching programs, workshops and internships - all designed to aid our students in their quest for professional skills, useful in everyday employee life.

We like to think of our Collegium Da Vinci as a StartUp! Opportunity for All.

By changing our university name we also want to pay homage to one of the greatest minds that has ever lived. Leonardo Da Vinci was an acclaimed engineer, inventor, artist and a keen observer of the environment around us. He was renown for his ability to combine theoretical sciences with engineering practice. He was a visionary but also a man who was able to transform ideas into real and tangible shapes.

We remain proud of our university's achievements over the last 18 years and we thank the entire academic community of the former School of Humanities and Journalism for being a part of it. Collegium Da Vinci is now equally proud to have you onboard, creating and representing the ideal of fusing knowledge with practice, according to Leonardo's message.

We continue to stand out as the best private university in the Wielkopolska region. Our years of expertise in teaching people of all ages, traditions, qualified staff, modern facilities still make our degree diplomas a valuable asset in eyes of employers around Poland and beyond.

The new name our University now bears symbolizes change which go back to the very essence of studying. We believe it is never too late for instruction and never too soon for action. Only constant testing our skills and strengths against the dynamically changing environment, gives us an opportunity to succeed.

Why CDV?

The Collegium Da Vinci in Poznań, Poland (CDV) is the oldest private university in Poznań. Throughout the first 18 years of existence on the Higher Education map of Poland it was attracting some 1,500 students each year. Now, as it has undergone a rebranding process to better fill the needs of our dynamically changing job market, Collegium Da Vinci has been proudly established its position in the university sector with a unique range of study at B.A , MA. and Postgraduate Diploma level.

CDV program offer is closely interconnected with relevant institutions and companies in Poland and abroad, to create a practical curriculum, based on economic forecasts and the development of the job market in the world. That is why CDV places such an emphasis on practical classes led by valued professionals and potential future employers. CDV Flexible Study Paths give our students opportunities to combine their professional and family commitments.

In short, Collegium Da Vinci offers:

  • Joint projects with companies such as IBM, Microsoft or International Coach Federation: free training and engaging projects, relevant international certificates.
  • A modern building, fully equipped teaching rooms, comprehensive sport facilities - all this in a pleasing environment set in contemporary art.
  • Part of the programs is run in the form of online lectures and e-learning. This means that you can take active part in classes without leaving your home.

And because we simply love our City!

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