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Poznań, Poland

Poznań School of Logistics

Wyższa Szkoła Logistyki w Poznaniu

University type: economics
University status: non-public


Estkowskiego str. 6
61-755 Poznań
tel. 48 61 852 95 55
fax: 48 61 850 47 72

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LogisticsStudies in Polish

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LogisticsStudies in Polish

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Poznan School of Logistics (WSL), the first logistics institution of higher education in Poland was founded in 2001 by the Centre for Logistics Education (CEL) and the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing. From the very beginning, the School has been the leader in logistics education at the university level. The School's high level of education is guaranteed by its highly qualified teaching staff and its pioneering curriculum tailored to the needs of the market.

A good logistician is a specialist who can deal with challenges anywhere in the world. They know the current standards which they can implement in any situation they may find themselves in. And such are also the graduates of Poznan School of Logistics. Thanks to the instruction they receive and student exchange programmes they can take part in, students gain knowledge and skills which allow them to look at problems in their professional career from a different perspective. Modern education, however, cannot be only limited to gaining knowledge and establishing academic contacts. Modern education is also about establishing close contacts with the business world. That is why WSL, from its very beginning, has closely co-operated with leading enterprises and institutions. Among the School's Partner Companies one can find both local and international organizations. These are, among others: Kuehne and Nagel, DHL Express, Raben, Prologis, Panopa and many others.
Thanks to this co-operation, the students of WSL can take part in trainee schemes and work placements offered by these companies. Close ties to the business world allow WSL to tailor its curriculum to the changing needs of the market.
Poznan School of Logistics is an institution that not only educates people in sought-after professions, but also guarantees its students comprehensive development. This is the key to success today.
The School offers three fields of study: Management, Logistics and Economics. At present the School does not offer studies in any foreign language. Students, however, can attend a certain number of courses in English or German.

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