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Poznań, Poland

Poznan College of Modern Languages

Wyższa Szkoła Języków Obcych im. Samuela Bogumiła Lindego w Poznaniu

University type: philological
University status: non-public


Św. Marcin str. 69
61-806 Poznań
tel. (48 61) 663-62-64, 663-87-06
fax (48 61) 663 62 52

The Poznan College of Modern Languages (PCML) is a private vocational institution of higher education. It offers an extensive variety of courses at different levels of advancement.

The School started its educational activity in June 2000. There were 568 students of English and German Philology in this first year. Today, seven years later, it has become the largest private language studies college in Poland. We have over 3,500 students on bachelors, masters and other undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Our Students come from the whole country, including such remote areas as the northeast and southeast regions of Poland. There are also foreign students at the College, who come from Germany, France, Turkey, Ukraine and Kenya.

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