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Cracow, Poland

Tischner European University in Krakow

Wyższa Szkoła Europejska im. Ks. Józefa Tischnera w Krakowie

University type: other universities
University status: non-public

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Advertising Graphics Studies in Polish
Project Management Studies in Polish
Psychology in Management Studies in Polish
Behawiorystyka zwierząt towarzyszących Studies in Polish
Behawiorystyka zwierząt towarzyszących - koty Studies in Polish
Coach – partner w rozwoju Studies in Polish
Coach i trener – partner w rozwoju Studies in Polish
Doradztwo, orientacja zawodowa i coaching kariery Studies in Polish
E-learning: projektowanie i wdrażanie Studies in Polish
E-marketing Studies in Polish
Home Design Studies in Polish
Human Resources - Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi Studies in Polish
Mediacje i negocjacje z elementami psychologii Studies in Polish
Przywództwo w organizacjach międzynarodowych Studies in Polish
Psychologia rozwoju kompetencji interpersonalnych Studies in Polish
Studia menedżerskie Studies in Polish
Studia podyplomowe Coach – partner w rozwoju – akredytacja ACSTH Studies in Polish
Studia podyplomowe E-marketing – akredytacja DIMAQ Studies in Polish
Trener personalny Studies in Polish
UX & Business Design Studies in Polish
Zarządzanie sprzedażą z elementami marketingu Studies in Polish

Other short coursesmore »
Asertywność w kontaktach zawodowych Studies in Polish
Coachingowy styl zarządzania Studies in Polish
Customer Experience Managment Studies in Polish
DTP – przygotowanie publikacji do druku Studies in Polish
Efektywne wykorzystanie danych w firmie - na przykładzie enova365 BI i Power BI Studies in Polish
Efektywność osobista – warsztaty z grą symulacyjną Studies in Polish
Efektywny czas pracy w firmie Studies in Polish
Elastyczne formy zatrudnienia Studies in Polish
Etykieta i różnice międzykulturowe Studies in Polish
Grafika wektorowa - Adobe Illustrator Studies in Polish
Intensywny Kurs Zarządzania Projektami Studies in Polish
Investment psychology Studies in Polish
Komunikacja międzykulturowa w biznesie międzynarodowym Studies in Polish
Komunikacja międzypokoleniowa (praca i relacje z osobami z innych pokoleń) Studies in Polish
Kształtowanie indywidualnego stylu zarządzania w oparciu o modele osobowości Studies in Polish
Kursy językowe w Wyższej Szkole Europejskiej Studies in Polish
Leadership – wykorzystanie elementów przywództwa sytuacyjnego Studies in Polish
Leadership Skills Studies in Polish
Lider zespołu - szkolenie z wykorzystaniem gry symulacyjnej Studies in Polish
Marketing B2B Studies in Polish
Mediacje - porozumienie z efektem WIN-WIN Studies in Polish
Narzędzia rekrutacji i selekcji pracowników Studies in Polish
Narzędzia rekrutacji i selekcji: Assessment Center Studies in Polish
Nawiązanie i rozwiązanie umowy o pracę Studies in Polish
Nowelizacje prawa pracy w 2016 i 2017 roku Studies in Polish
Nowoczesne media relations Studies in Polish
Od zdjęcia do publikacji Studies in Polish
Oferta edukacyjna Studies in Polish
Podstawy zarządzania projektami zgodnie z ISO21500:2012 Studies in Polish
Postępowanie sądowe w sprawach pracowniczych Studies in Polish
Pracodawca a związki zawodowe Studies in Polish
Project Controlling Studies in Polish
Projektowanie dla poligrafii – pułapki i triki Studies in Polish
Projektowanie gry Studies in Polish
Przeciwdziałanie dyskryminacji i mobbingowi Studies in Polish
Psychologia inwestowania Studies in Polish
Rozwijanie technik negocjacyjnych Studies in Polish
Sesje coachingowe Studies in Polish
Skuteczna reklama na Facebooku i Instagramie Studies in Polish
Skuteczne delegowanie zadań Studies in Polish
Sprzedaż - szkolenie i warsztaty z wykorzystaniem gry symulacyjnej Studies in Polish
Stres i zarządzanie stresem w organizacji Studies in Polish
Techniki negocjacyjne w otoczeniu międzynarodowym Studies in Polish
Time Management Studies in Polish
Trening umiejętności kierowniczych Studies in Polish
Urlopy pracownicze Studies in Polish
Video marketing Studies in Polish
Wywiad behawioralny: metoda efektywnego prowadzenia rozmów kwalifikacyjnych Studies in Polish
Wzmacnianie wizerunku lidera – praca nad warsztatem głosowym Studies in Polish

Tischner European University
was founded in 2003 as a project of the Znak publishing group, in it's first year educating fewer than 400 students. In the current academic year there are 1,300 undergraduate and postgraduate students and over 450 students of professional development programmes taught by over 100 teachers and lecturers at our University.

Tischner European University stands out among Polish higher education institutions. An educational offer at the level of the best Western universities, a highly-qualified, widely recognized teaching team, ambitious and actively involved students, and a group of dedicated friends in the world of business, culture, and politics: these are just a few reasons to join us.

TEU boasts one of the largest numbers of students with a scholarship awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education, which testifies to their high academic achievements. Some of our first graduates are currently staying at the top European institutions - the London School of Economics, Hertie School of Governance, and University of St. Andrews, to name but a few. Our students get involved in a considerable number of manifold projects, some of which are listed below.

The Director of the Observatoire de la Finance in Geneva, an advisor to Tadeusz Mazowiecki's government, an advisor to the Committee for European Integration, the former President of the International Sociological Association and members of Academia Europea and the American Society of Arts and Science, the advisor to two prime ministers and three ministers, experts from the UN and World Bank: these are just some of our lecturers.

25% of our undergraduates spent a semester studying at one of our 29 partner institutions. The number of Erasmus scholarships granted to our students places us among the best Polish universities.

Unafraid of difficult problems and controversial issues, we are open to dialogue and cooperation. Rather than engage in ideological disputes, we search for tangible solutions. We are currently one of the most lively developing centres for debate in Poland, a place to meet eminent figures in business, culture, and politics. Just last year, our guests included former Spanish Prime Minister José Maria Aznar, Professor Leszek Balcerowicz, Professor Władysław Bartoszewski, Minister of Regional Development Grażyna Gęsicka, and Minister of Defence Radek Sikorski.

We are committed to identifying social needs and solving social problems. Since its beginning, TEU has offered scholarships to the most talented students who, without this help, would not be able to continue their education. In response to the needs of local communities we have initiated a number of projects, with the invaluable help of business organizations: ABG Ster-Projekt, BP, IBM, Motorola, PKN Orlen, Siemens Polska and other.

What makes us different?


  • modern didactic tools: strategic and simulation games, e-learning and case study
  • educational programs co-created with representatives of business world
  • diverse forms of teaching: lectures, seminars, exercises, labs and workshops
  • sphere for scientific development of the students


  • among our lectures you will find the owners of companies and concerns, presidents of the agencies, directors of firms
  • program of professional internships, including foreign ones
  • support for students' start-ups within the Academic Business Incubator
  • comprehensive career consultancy


  • comfortable conditions and accelerated learning for working students as well as those studying two faculties
  • chance to implement your own project financed by the University Fund
  • opportunity to participate and contribute to exceptional projects held in university such as: film reviews, meetings with prominent personalities, international projects etc.
  • opportunity to publish your articles in TEU's periodicals
  • opportunity to study abroad under the Erasmus + Programme and inter-institutional agreements


  • intensive foreign languages teaching, including those unusual as Chinese and Norwegian
  • opportunity to commit yourself in the Institute for Research on Civilizations
  • participation in international scientific conferences
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