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Lublin, Poland

University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin

Wyższa Szkoła Przedsiębiorczości i Administracji w Lublinie

University type: economics
University status: non-public

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Finance and AccountingStudies in English
International RelationsStudies in English
Journalism and social communicationStudies in English
ManagementStudies in English
SociologyStudies in English
AdministrationStudies in PolishStudies online
Applied LinguisticsStudies in Polish
Finance and AccountingStudies in Polish
International RelationsStudies in PolishStudies online
Journalism and Social CommunicationStudies in PolishStudies online
ManagementStudies in Polish
Social WorkStudies in Polish
SociologyStudies in PolishStudies online

Bachelor's - engineer
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ArchitectureStudies in English
Computer ScienceStudies in English
TransportStudies in English
ArchitectureStudies in Polish
Computer ScienceStudies in PolishStudies online
Spatial EconomyStudies in PolishStudies online
TransportStudies in PolishStudies online

full-time studies
part-time studies
SociologyStudies in English
SociologyStudies in PolishStudies online

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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Faculty of Technical Sciences

The College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin
offers high quality education programmes as well as modern and innovative teaching methods.

The College operates on the basis of the permission granted by the Minister of National Education and pursuant to the Higher Education Act of 27 July 2005 (Journal of Laws No. 164, item 1365, as amended) and legal regulations issued in accordance with the Act, as well as on the basis of the Statute. The College is supervised by the Founder and the minister competent for higher education, in accordance with the Higher Education Act.

The College was opened in 1998, launching its first study programme "Company Management" with 415 students admitted to the first year. In the following academic year 1999/2000 the College had already over 1 400 students. Currently, the College enrols over 4 000 students at undergraduate and graduate courses and over 1 000 students at postgraduate courses.

Learning facilities

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin provides its students with comfortable learning conditions. Lectures and classes are held in the College's own building of over 4 450 m2.

In the WSPA University College building there are:

  • 2 lecture halls for 310 and 250 people, which can be joined into one hall with 560 seats,
  • a lecture room for 110 people,
  • 2 lecture rooms for 72 people,
  • 7 rooms for classes,
  • 8 computer laboratories.

About 1 300 students can participate simultaneously in educational activities in the WSPA University College building.

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin is friendly and open to students. A variety of events organized by students and staff of the University College, as well as celebrations in which the University College takes part, facilitate the creative development of its students and attest to the University College's innovative approach.

Owing to the University College's prestige, its graduates are able to find a good job. The latest education ranking compiled by the web portal "Perspektywy" and the "Rzeczpospolita" daily confirmed the strong position of the University College's graduates on the labour market. Our University College, as the only non-public higher education institution in the Lublin region, was positively evaluated by employers, with the score of 6.4.

Apart from regular study programmes, the University College offers its students opportunities to participate in student research associations, to obtain additional certificates, and to take part in student placements and internships abroad.

Come and join us!

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